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VCA A Breed Apart Animal Hospital

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About VCA A Breed Apart Animal Hospital

Looking for top-notch pet care in Pasadena? VCA A Breed Apart Animal Hospital is here to help. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in pet boarding. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(626) 795-4444

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5 Reviews on “VCA A Breed Apart Animal Hospital”

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  • C M

    I felt this vet was very expensive, I was able to get 3 quotes on the same tests performed in this facility and found that I paid 50% to 100% more. AND TO THE COMMENT about all vets are expensive News Flash yes they cost money but price gouging is not right either. SOME of us have to balance our pet care with our ability to pay our bills !

    My advice, do your research get quotes make sure you are comfortable with what your paying for and make your decision. I spent $800 before I wised up. Lastly check in with the shelters to get advice on best places to go. GOOD LUCK !

    Lastly my advise to VCA please don’t talk to people like your lining up a car deal its frustrating..

  • Kim H

    Great service. Will be taking my new puppy there. They have a monthly plan that is better than pet insurance. Def a great place for your pets.

  • Jack Lam

    STAY AWAY, this place is very expensive and unethical.

    Took the dog I adopted from Pasadena Humane Society to them on 7/22 and was prescribed this list of things in the picture, not only they are cheaper on Chewy but the Vet literally told me to return my pet to Pasadena Humane Society if I can’t afford to pay this amount to them every month.

    The Vet also said my dog needs a $2000 surgery to fix its right eye, and the Vet also said it might need to be performed multiple times since there is no guarantee on success.

    I placed an order on Chewy to purchase the meds, and the order got declined because they were declined by the Vet. They called me today on 8/22 claiming my dog needs to do a couple of test before they can let me purchase these meds from Chewy.

    When I asked why didn’t my pet need any of the tests they mentioned if I purchased the meds from them back on 7/22, they said because 4 weeks had passed and they need to re-evaluate my dog to re-prescribe the meds.

    Today is 8/11, only 20 days passed from 7/22. They simply want to charge you more $$$ before allowing you to purchase cheaper meds/supplies elsewhere.

    And guess what, my dog’s right eye healed on its own within 2 weeks without paying for any surgery or meds.

    For the sake of your pet and your hard earned $, STAY AWAY.

  • Jessica B

    Love this place! I’ve been taking my dog here for two years and have had nothing but a great experience. The vet really took the time to walk through all the test results and answer any questions I had and give me recommendations for changes I could make.

  • Crista Ru

    My tortoise needed to be seen asap and they were able to get him in and do all the diagnostics quickly. Unfortunately we had found that he was in such a horrible state and put him to rest was the kindest thing we could do. It was so difficult to make that decision but the vet really went above and beyond to comfort us and make sure that we knew this was the best choice we could make for our dear friend and family member. When you love your pet and want to fight for them, it’s truly the hardest choice to make. I’m beyond thankful for the staff here and am going to be recommending them to all my friends in the area and switching my dog to this location because they really are the best I’ve been to on this coast. And in regards to cost, the costs were typical for vets in the area. Unfortunately exotic animals are always more expensive to treat due to the specialized treatment. I didn’t receive any surprises and they were very upfront about the pricing so I have nothing bad to say.

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