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Grand Animal Hospital

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About Grand Animal Hospital

At Grand Animal Hospital, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in San Diego, California. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in 24/7 veterinary care for pet emergencies, animal dental care including routine cleanings and extractions. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(858) 272-1320

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5 Reviews on “Grand Animal Hospital”

5 reviews
  • Chelsea

    Used to love this place. Not anymore. No clear communication or transparency. Or compassion from the new chief vet Dr. Kolli.

    Apparently, our healthy two year old dog had to get four teeth removed but the reason was not at all clear. He went under anesthesia for a better assessment as to why he had pain and swelling. Ended up with four extracted teeth and I wasn?t aware they were going to remove any until I picked him up. No phone call during anesthesia to give me updates or ask for consent. Had to pry and pry for any sort of explanation. Was told he had gingivitis by the front desk and to come in for more cleanings? However, Kolli said he didn?t have gingivitis. In fact. His teeth were ?spotless? he said. So why did four need to come out? All I got was ?bone loss?, and no one can tell me why the bone loss happened. It?s fine if they needed to come out, but would love to know why exactly…… it was all just weird..

    I researched Dr. Kolli and all the negative reviews from this and his old practices were due to him. Somethings off about this guy.

  • Christopher Janke

    The people at Grand Animal Hospital,. Are friendly,and efficient, they have treated both my cats and my dogs. I have never had any problem or been dissatisfied in anyway which of course is why they are my vet, and why I go to them for everything…good people

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