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VCA La Mirada Animal Hospital

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About VCA La Mirada Animal Hospital

Looking for top-notch pet care in Santa Fe Springs? VCA La Mirada Animal Hospital is here to help. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in pet boarding. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(562) 921-3539

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5 Reviews on “VCA La Mirada Animal Hospital”

Very Good
5 reviews

    I enjoyed a wonderful gift from VCA after adopting a county shelter kitten: a coupon for a free exam and up to $250 value in services and any needed prescriptions. How grateful I am for this help!

    I adopted an outgoing little guy with a cast on his leg, thanks to the shelter’s initial vet assessment and care. He also needed help with the typical eye ailments that kittens can suffer, plus a respiratory virus. These problems didn’t squelch his playfulness or snuggly self.

    VCA La Mirada-Santa Fe Springs honored their coupon with an exam, an eye ointment prescription and antibiotic for his respiratory virus. Their on-site treatments and 2 prescriptions were itemized on my receipt (tho’ provided at no cost via their coupon) and the charges looked very reasonable.

    Because the charges itemized on my receipt looked reasonable (not "over-charged"), I will likely choose this location and doctor for my pets’ medical needs.

  • Cec

    On September 15, 2021 @ appx 9:15am my daughter and her boyfriend took their beloved 6year old fur baby Leia whom was in distress to your clinic, her symptoms were explained to your staff that answered the phone. It was explained that she was not moving, her tongue was sticking out, not eating nor drinking any fluids. Upon arrival necessary paperwork was filled out, at that time they were told the facility was backed up and they would get to her as soon as possible. In the midst of the long waiting period there were 2 vet technicians that came out to assess her condition, their assessment included a slight pet on her head and stated she looked stable and they would get her in as soon as possible (more waiting) my daughters boyfriend went in got Leia some water he was able to get her to drink a bit, her breathing was getting more shallow. When he went back they again stated they were backed up and would get to her as soon as possible. My daughter told both technicians that its a possibility she was bitten by a spider pointing out the red patch on her nose, information was ignored. As they waited in the parking lot there was a lady waiting for her cat, when the Dr./tech came out to give the lady her fur baby she commented to the Dr./tech that maybe they should try and get Leia in soon because she didn’t look good. This kind woman asked permission if she could say a prayer for Leia, they sat and prayed (humanity at its finest). More waiting and finally a 3rd technician came out appx at 11am and said she was not sure how long they had been waiting but they should have been told along time ago that (Leia) needed immediate 24hr attention and needed to be taken to ER, she asked if it was ok for her to go into the car and check Leia, she climbed in and checked her gums, pulse and stated she was very dehydrated now this was an assessment. At this time things became crucial Leia let out this heart wrenching howl that she was in pain/distress it was heartbreaking. They asked the tech what was the nearest ER she referred them to VCA Lakewood, they called while on their way and were told they don’t take walk ins they continued to go anyways in that time frame Leia kept howling (poor baby) and my daughter kept assuring her it was ok, when all of a sudden she stopped breathing (imagine the hysteria) at this point. They finally reach the ER when her boyfriend ran in to get someone to help the technician came out and checked her and asked how long had she not been breathing he stated appx 10 min the technician stated not even CPR would help. In the midst of this the technician also apologized stating they are trained to say they don’t take walk ins because pet hospitals are so crowded their isn’t enough beds/oxygen. The devastation has been unbearable and did not need to happen had trained/skilled human beings would have done their job in the beginning in a profession that they chose to honor but failed to do everything humanly possibly for Leia and her parents this was a very sad, hurtful day. My daughters boyfriend went back to tell them what had happened they could care less all they could do was give a generic "Sorry" that’s not OK, this happened because of their negligence, he thanked the technician that referred them to the ER and she was upset that they waited so long and made her own phone calls. They did receive a call back from the doctor whom also apologized, they also spoke to the office manager whom apologized and stated that the third technician had ER hospital training and that’s why she was able to make the assessment so quickly his response to her was shouldn’t all technicians have emergency training, why would you send someone out to assess a situation without the necessary training? He was told that the individuals would be talked to regarding the situation. This poor baby girl did not deserve to lose her life and suffer the way she did because the so called "trained" individuals did not provide the proper care that was needed….RIP beautiful baby girl Leia, we now have to live with broken hearts. 💔

  • Joan MILLER

    Beware: this is very much FOR-Profit business. As I read in other reviews, if you can’t pay, then there is NO compassion. Our dog was cared for by this vet at this location prior to our adopting the rescue. Soooo they have records and previous examination. But this vet won’t give any information on this dog unless we pay for lots of bloodwork and x-rays. And of course this dog does not qualify for the wellness program because she has problems… ok what problems??? They won’t give me that info. So I ask well, you have a senior wellness package that is much more expensive every month for the senior dog. How many senior dogs do NOT have health issues?? But I was informed that my dog won’t qualify. Why does my dog not qualify. I am really shocked. Why do they help with rescues when they won’t care about the animal once its adopted? Oh wait at their very high and full price they will? One can only speculate why they bother with rescues. They can’t even give suggestions for lower cost vet care when asked. Beware…

  • Kathryn Vincelli

    They are too busy having an Open house to treat my very I’ll cat. Zero stars.

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