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TLC Pet Medical Centers

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About TLC Pet Medical Centers

TLC Pet Medical Centers is a veterinary clinic located in South Pasadena, California. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(626) 441-8555

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Very Good
5 reviews
  • Melissa James

    I am a first time dog owner and adopted my pup during covid. With everything being closed, it was extremely challenging to find a vet, ask questions, or navigate the needs of a 95lb German Shepard.

    I had 2 incidents where I was terrified my pup was going to die. The first was in 2021. I took my pup to the emergency care here and was initially shocked by the kindness and patience they had with me. I had so many questions! My pup was better within a few days of visiting. While the costs for the medical treatment he needed were pretty steep, they walked me through the worst case scenario. All charges were consistent.

    Recently I had to take my pup back and had a similarly excellent experience (in light of how sick my dog was.) Dr Jenny Nguyen was so kind to us and treated my large baby with compassion. She gave great directions, and I was able to treat him at home with her help! It’s been 3 days and he’s feeling much better. We look forward to going here for his yearly checkups!

    Thanks again!!

  • Rachel Newhall

    Dr. Mobley and the technician took great care of my cat. They were honest and upfront about the expenses and why they were doing what they were doing. I really appreciate their communication and effort.

  • Axl

    Here is why:
    Came in at 10am, left at 2pm after finally getting a quote of $1600 to $2300 when all I asked for were for x-rays and blood work. In those 4 hours I did the same assessment 3 times, one of those being to the actual Dr who apparently didn’t get the 2 first. Dr Nguyen seemed completely clueless of what could possibly be happening with my cat, suggesting checking on his kidney stones while doing x-rays while I m explaining to her he has been cleared of those since 2019 and isn’t showing any symptoms about that. I was bringing him in for a cough… I don’t believe kidney stones ride all the way up to the throat.
    So basically during those 4 hours my cat was put somewhere in the back for 2hours while I waited in the front room (while they told me on phone i could be with him during exam). Then someone asked me for the same question and scanning his medical folder (that was already done 2hours earlier). Then an hour after I finally saw the Dr who told me a technician would be "right with me" with the quote. This took 1 more hour (and 10 minutes to be precise). Obviously by that time I was seriously annoyed so when they came up with that ridiculous pricing I checked out.

    Cost me $165, a half day of work and my cat meowing was heartbreaking as he barely had any voice left. All for nothing.

    Might be great with dogs (who kept coming and going), but don’t take your kitty there.

    Ps: please at least swipe your exam room if you’re gonna make me wait in there forever.😖

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