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Davies Animal Medical Hospital

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About Davies Animal Medical Hospital

Davies Animal Medical Hospital is a veterinary clinic located in Yuba City, California. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(530) 671-3014

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5 Reviews on “Davies Animal Medical Hospital”

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  • Melissa H

    We’ve been going here for awhile now and I was really happy with my experience and I will say the vets we’ve seen have been great but today unfortunately I had a different experience and I won’t be back because of it. I had my 2 young children with me and we were there for over an hour for a puppy visit and while I know they can’t control the wait since some visits take longer than others my kids were ready to leave by the time we were done. While checking out my 4 year old gently touched the plant and I told her to stop and she did but when the lady came over to pet our puppy my daughter again went to touch the plant and before I could say something to her the older lady very rudely told her “you better not touch my plant” totally unnecessary for her to say that. I am almost positive she was already annoyed because while she was trying to pet my puppy my 7 year old stepped in front of her to pet the puppy and started asking her questions. I didn’t make a big deal out of the situation and left but I was upset so I called and the lady who answered the phone said she is the lady who takes care of the plants and she has a right to protect their property because it’s destruction of property and again I explained I can understand her saying something to my child if it was an immediate need for example my child was pulling at the plant or damaging it but she was literally gently touching it. I understand she puts hard work into the plants but if a small child touching it triggers that kind of response why have them? I asked if part of my puppy package could be refunded because we’ve only had one visit and I don’t feel comfortable bringing my child there and was told no. If you have small children you’ll have to bring with you to the vet don’t come here, find a more family friendly vet!

  • Mike Bell

    They are very caring for my fur baby

  • Krystle Bronson

    I can not say enough good about this place. My dog went into anaphylactic shock and they performed quick intervention and saved our sweet Labs life. In addition to that they are kind, compassionate, and really made me feel I was doing a good job with my animals. I love the feel when we go in there. Our animals are a huge part of our lives and they take such good care of us all.
    Not to mention they are fairly priced which makes life so much easier when things happen. And we all know things WILL happen. Thank you to all of Davies we are so happy to have found you all.

  • Driana Ortiz

    I took my cat in after taking him to adobes and what a difference in care. The vet was caring and explained everything real good. They give you a private room for examination and then they give you a rough estimate of any procedures and care your pet needs. This is my animals veterinary hospital from now on.

  • Holly Hecker

    They have taken care of several of my pups. They have provided wonderful care. I lost two pups. They were so compassionate and caring.

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