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Goode Animal Health Care

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About Goode Animal Health Care

Goode Animal Health Care is a veterinary clinic located in Pueblo, Colorado. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(719) 924-8969

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5 Reviews on “Goode Animal Health Care”

5 reviews
  • Tracy Murray

    Lois is the RUDEST professional I have ever had to deal with, she’s REFUSING to give our current vet , our records (we moved out state). She mailed them to a wrong address, and is refusing to make it right. I am sure if she treats her human customers this way, wonder how she is treating our fur babies behind door.

  • Bob Gerlofs

    Doctor and staff listen and care. Give good instructions and thorough exams. If you can get in here do it.

  • Antz

    They make you prepay for your appointment. I was able to get in sooner with another vet and called to cancel my appointment here. Having already read the reviews, I expected them to be rude and they were. Also told me that they can cancel the appointment but they aren’t going to refund me. They also don’t tell you this when you actually make your appointment. It’s 11/8/22 today and my appointment is 12/2/2022

  • Lisa DuBose

    If I could leave a zero star rating I would.
    In my 50 years of receiving veterinary services, I have never seen a more greedy man than Dr Richard Goode working with animals. Dr Richard Goode charged us 200.00 during regular office hours (9:45) on a Friday to "be worked in" and an additional 85.00 for the exam.
    The Pueblo Area Emergency Pet Hospital charged us 135.00 to be seen after hours (8pm) on a Friday, which included their exam.

    So to walk in the door of the Goode Animal Clinic and have YOUR vet examine your animals during normal office hours; if you need to be "worked in", is 285.00 but you can take your pet to an Emergency clinic for 135.00.
    I highly recommend you guys do the math, or bring your first born, if you go to Dr. Richard Goodes clinic.

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