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VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital

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About VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital

Residents of Cheshire, Connecticut trust VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(203) 272-3266

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5 Reviews on “VCA Cheshire Animal Hospital”

Very Good
5 reviews
  • Jessica Kuethman

    We had to switch here because there most amazing vet in the world closed her private practice and joined the vca. Dr Matz is THE BEST! She takes her time with each patient, is completely thorough, will only perform tests that are necessary, and checks up once results are in, I’m talking personal phone call that won’t end until she answers all of your questions.

    After three other vets weren’t able to figure out what was wrong with my dog, Dr Matz was able to find a remedy to help him and prolong his life. When she thought he might have cancer, she sent us to a specialist to make sure he got the proper care. It is nearly impossible to get an appointment with her, but she is worth the wait. However, the other vets are wonderful as well.

    Staff is great, they’ve squeezed us in when my dog had a bad ear infection and didn’t have anything available for weeks. They also check up after visits. Highly recommend.

  • Stephen Bianchi

    This facility is state of the art. Best veterinarians around.

  • Amanda Morrone

    I brought my 1 year old cat Jack here after he displayed signs of neurological distress. I think it was from some poisonous wil wildflowers that my friend and I had picked and brought inside. When I brought him the first thing that I didn’t like was the fact that despite I was there in person, everything had to be done over the phone. I literally had to sit outside and talk to the woman at the desk even though I had just went in and tried to check in face-to-face. I waited a while and was then brought into the small room with posters showing numbers for social workers and home euthanasia service. This started to freak me out a bit, but rather than finding out from a doctor I received a call from my boyfriend. They had called his number rather than mine and told him what was going on with Jack. They told us that the way he was presenting man she was blind and as I suspected had neurological damage. They told me they had no idea what the outcome would be and that he May die. I asked if there’s anything I can do to save him and got a very vague answer, stating they just wanted to monitor him but there’s no guarantee of anything. They charged me $2,400. The next morning I received a call stating that Jack had improved immensely and then I can take him home. They asked what was the issue in the first place and found that they had not even tested for any wildflowers because he had tested positive for a illicit drug. We tried to explain that a member of our household does smoke this drug and that was likely the explanation for his positive drug test. They refuse to test for wildflowers and said that because he didn’t stay as long as they thought he would they would refund my credit card $750. So basically I paid over $ 1600 for them to literally monitor him overnight and give him a drug test. I was really unhappy with the entire experience but was relieved that my baby was okay. I wouldn’t recommend this please to another pet owner because of the poor customer service, lack of empathy, they refusal to find out what really poison my cat and the astronomical cost of literally keeping him in a cage overnight.

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