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VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital

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About VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital

Residents of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania trust VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(610) 670-5757

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Reviews & Ratings

5 Reviews on “VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital”

Very Good
5 reviews
  • Javier Rivera

    Very friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. My dog was at ease with everyone.

  • Joanne Mayberry

    Dr. Barnette was very nice. Went over everything, & explained in detail.

  • Christopher Brown

    Our dog was sick, had cancer, congestive heart failure and fluid in his lungs. They did the best job any vet could have done to take care of him and help him be comfortable for the last 7 weeks of his life. They were very accommodating with helping us peacefully say goodbye to our “very good boy” ?
    We are extremely appreciative about how they not only cared about him but us as well.
    The entire staff were very polite and kind.
    If we were to get another dog, we would not hesitate to take them to VCA!
    Thank you guys so much!

  • Donna Brown

    I cannot say enough good things about this practice. Normally, I have felt ripped off by local vets and this time I do not feel that way. The compassion they had for our dog with congestive heart failure was amazing. Quick to diagnose. On top of that he had a large mass in his bladder. Dr Barnett said “Enjoy what you have left with him.” That brought me to tears because it was a lovely way to let us know that he will not be with us much longer. They prescribed meds to keep him comfortable. When we decided to put him down, I was really having second thoughts because I just wanted to keep him around a few more days. But the vet reassured me he was suffering and it was a loving thing to do. They put him down while he was on my husbands lap and mine. They let us sit there crying as long as we wanted too. No pressure to move along. The whole staff was compassionate and loving. A few days later they presented me with his ashes in a beautiful wooden box tucked inside a lovely blue velour bag. His paw print and his name was on a piece of hardened clay. And also info for grief counseling. They also mailed us a sympathy card. We have put other pets down but never have we experienced such love and compassion. How many vets write you a sympathy card or present ashes in a beautiful way? Highly recommend them. I will never go to another vet.

  • Jennifer Mellen

    What an amazing staff!! Cheryl was extremely helpful during the phone call, and was able to get my sick pup in right away. When we came in we were greeted with a very caring and patient staff who handled my fear riddled fur baby with compassion. Having a high anxiety dog is very stressful when we have to visit the vet. Darla and Rose took our pup and made him feel at ease. Lots of yummy treats helped too!! Dr. Fatkin was awesome and talked us through everything. Thankfully it turned out to be something very minor, but our fears were real and we were treated with respect for that fact. Thank you to everyone on the staff for everything you did to make our visit easygoing and not as stressful as it could of been.

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