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Redmond Animal Hospital

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About Redmond Animal Hospital

Residents of Redmond, Washington trust Redmond Animal Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(425) 678-3394

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4 Reviews on “Redmond Animal Hospital”

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  • Judy Brewer

    I recommend this emergency facility 110%. The entire staff are wonderful people…. Very caring and very into detail of treatment and follow up care.

  • Aisse Torres

    Last Sunday night, my dog was chewing on a greenie. I noticed she began dry hacking, moving her neck around and licking her lips a lot. I immediately checked to see if I could see anything in her mouth and I could not. I called two emergency vet hospitals and both said it was an emergency, but that I should probably find someone who could see her sooner.

    I called Animal Emergency Hospital of Redmond, and they were able to see me the minute we got there.

    By the time we arrived, my dog was no longer having an emergency. They examined her and determine that they could not find or feel anything that could make her choke. They said we could go home. They did not charge me for the exam, and they let me know as I was walking to the counter to pay.

    I would highly recommend going to this hospital. My girl has been home free of any problems.

  • Marjorie Cue

    Got there and they were nice enough to check my dog and tall me that it wasn’t really en emergency. They took the time to check my dog and provided unbiased guidance. They gave me the option of taking care of her there, but reassured me that it wasn’t that critical and that I could take her to urgent care or my regular vet the next day.
    Although I didn’t really used their services, this was very telling to me about how professional they are and that they care.

  • Avery Park

    Avoid. They did a poor job stitching up my pup and wouldn’t take responsibility for their actions afterwards.

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