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VCA Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals

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About VCA Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals

At VCA Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in Greenfield, Wisconsin. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in 24/7 veterinary care for pet emergencies, exotic animal care for non-domestic animals, such as: birds, reptiles, and small mammals. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(414) 543-7387

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5 Reviews on “VCA Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals”

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  • amber anick

    I was worried my cat had a urinary blockage (he was giving all the symptoms/signs), so I brought him here to VCA. I walked in to the 3 most genuinely kind and calm people that you could want it that situation. I knew he was going to be alright, but I wanted to make sure! The receptionist checking me in was kind, patient, and very helpful, and a technician came out to get my cat right away. The technician was VERY nice, I work at a vet clinic so I was able to give her all of his past information, which she patiently took down and seemed to genuinely be listening to me. I heard other emergencies come in as I was in my room, which they all handled with the same grace and empathy as when they helped me at check-in. The technician that came in to let me know what was going on was EXTREMELY outstanding. She was empathetic, informative, and had a sense of humor that helped lighten the situation.

    This is my WORST nightmare as a pet parent, the idea of an emergency situation is very scary. But they made me feel so cared for and I cannot thank them enough for this.


  • David

    My 20 year old cat suddenly collapsed. I saw the bad reviews here… But I still went because several places were full and they promised to take my cat immediately.

    $7000 and 3 days later, VCA told me they weren’t following through with the care plan we had agreed on, and that I needed to transfer my cat to either WVRC or BluePearl. If my cat needed more advanced care then they could provide, why didn’t they tell me the first day??

    At their advice, I transferred my cat to WVRC. When I got there, WVRC said at that point there was nothing they could do for my cat… And I had to euthanize her. Why did VCA tell me to transfer her if there was nothing WVRC could do??

    Why did she collapse, and why was she dying? I will never know. Few diagnostic tests were ever performed. Despite VCA’s website listing “Medical Imaging” as one of their featured departments… They do not have the capability to perform a CT scan or MRI. In our 3 days there, they could not even perform an ultrasound.

    Animal emergency care is expensive. If you’re willing to pay, VCA will gladly take your money for care they know they can’t provide… and only refer you to a better hospital once it’s too late.

    If I had listened to the reviews, my cat might still be alive today. Please, do not take your pet here if you love them!

    Take your pet to WVRC or another hospital actually equipped to provide emergency care.

    EDIT: Just a comment on VCA’s form response – I complained in person and via phone, and they certainly didn’t care then.

    They know who I am. The review has my name, details of my case, and even photos of my cat. They could easily have reached out to me – yet they didn’t. Their disingenuous response here (and only here) is meant for everyone else reading this review. It’s certainly not meant for me.

  • Krista Quint

    We just recently lost our breaded dragon and rushed her to the vca Milwaukee emergency vet. Unfortunately by the time we got there our beloved Simone had died we were extremely upset but the staff were so helpful and kind.They even sent us a hand written card in the mail a couple of weeks later. I really appreciate their kindness. I will definitely be coming back.

  • Laurie Makinen

    saved our Reggie?s life after he ate something that sent him into liver failure. forever thankful that they were able to support him and keep him with us!! He?s back to living his best life with his sister pup!

  • Liz Schmitz

    Took my rabbit in. If i could give negavtive stars I would. They were no help. Didn’t give fluids or anything. All they did was give her an eye drop. When they gave her back to me her eye was in horrible condition. It was not like that when I brought her in. I added a photo of her eye at the time I got her back. Ended up rushing to BluePearl for care as her eye was buldging and bleeding. She ended up passing away the next day.

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