Modern veterinary websites free forever

Get a full featured, custom website for your vet practice that looks great on any screen.

No setup fees, no monthly hosting charges. Just the opposite – we pay you.

How it works

Smart, modern websites - always free.

You never pay for your veterinary practice website with Vetranks, and you get all the latest features to help your practice grow.

  • Fully responsive and works on any device
  • Comprehensive SEO to get you in front of clients in your area
  • Easy updates with our drag-and-drop editor
  • See all features…

We make moving your website easy with our managed migration. All websites include world-class support from our U.S. team, and must-have features to help you grow your practice.
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Branded e-commerce that pays you.

Your veterinary website includes an integrated e-commerce experience, and we pay you a share of any profits. Profits come from sales of non-prescription pet care and wellness products.

  • Fully managed e-commerce solution, from inventory to customer support – we do all the work
  • Generous, uncapped profit sharing on all purchases
  • Customizable catalog to easily list your own products
  • See all features…

It has never been easier to add a new, hands-off revenue stream to your practice.

Integrations to save you time and help your practice grow.

Useful integrations out of the box that make running your practice easier and help you engage with local pet families.

  • Transparent analytics and performance reporting
  • Built-in contact and lead forms
  • Email subscriptions to build your newsletter list
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We’re always adding more, let us know how we can go the extra mile.
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Your veterinary practice deserves the best, so we designed our solution without compromise.

Every free Vetranks website includes:

  • Custom website design starting with any template from our catalog (we’re constantly adding new templates)
  • Drag and drop editing in the management console
  • Secure hosting and software upgrades
  • Unlimited users from your practice
  • SEO friendly features to help you reach local pet families
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Integrated e-commerce and profit sharing
  • Built-in forms
  • Email subscription
  • Maps and directions
  • Staff bio pages

And more, book a quick demo.

Vetranks websites are pre-built with a branded e-commerce shop that is fully managed by the Vetranks team. You won’t need to do a thing, and you’ll get a profit share check in return.

Your shop experience includes:

  • Custom branding for your practice
  • Vetranks serviced support phone and email for customers
  • Vetranks managed services for inventory, transactions, shipping, returns, and customer support
  • 10,000+ item catalog of brand name and unique, quality items
  • Custom catalog to add your own retail products, including in-store pickup

Our U.S. based team specializes in e-commerce and customer support. All inventory is warehoused on the East Coast and ships daily.

We make the migration process simple, and your existing website will experience zero downtime while the new one is being developed.

You will get a unique link to preview your new website and leave comments for changes, once you approve we’ll help make the changes so that your domain points to the new website without issue.

The typical process you can expect is:

  1. You choose a template and color palette, we’ll help you decide
  2. We build your new site’s core pages and send you a private link to review
  3. We migrate all of your existing content such as bios and blog posts (if you have a website already)
  4. You review the complete website via the private link, we’ll make revisions until you’re happy
  5. We setup your e-commerce shop, prescription shop (if you have one), and scheduling page (if you have one)
  6. Your new website goes live, we help make sure the domain host is updated to point to the new site

That’s it! No setup fees, no monthly hosting charges, and get a profit share check in the mail.

Your Vetranks website support plan includes:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Email support
  • Minor site edits included at no cost

Vetranks is at the forefront of integrated e-commerce on veterinary websites, allowing for a shared-success relationship with our veterinary practice clients. We only make money when you do.

Your clients value and respect your expertise, and they will gladly support your local business given the opportunity. While e-commerce is not your main focus, it’s what we live for. By offering and supporting retail activity on your website, Vetranks enables you to better support your clients. In return, the revenue generated is how we make a profit – and how we’re able to share that profit with you.

Yes, your website will be unique and represent your brand well. We start with a template as a foundation, then customize the look and feel to match your unique brand experience.

Absolutely, your website is also fully customizable from the management portal. You can even designate multiple Users to manage and make changes.

You can edit nearly everything, including:

  • Page content
  • Menus and navigation
  • Maps
  • Contact information
  • Blog articles
  • Photos and videos
  • and more

Yes, we will extraxt and move images, blog articles, page content, and related assets once you’ve approved the final design prior to launch.

Your e-commerce store will have prominent and clear messaging regarding the appropriate contact information for order inquiries. This same information will be included in email receipts and on packing slips in shipping boxes. 

However, if you ever receive an inquiry directly just route them to us for support.

That’s ok. We won’t be billing you for the website development.

Our team will offer plenty of support to ensure your customers are aware of your new website features, including emails and printed materials. We do all the work, you just share it with your clients.