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Irby-Overton Veterinary Hospital

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About Irby-Overton Veterinary Hospital

Residents of Mobile, Alabama trust Irby-Overton Veterinary Hospital for their pet care needs. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in mobile veterinary care where the vet comes to you, pet boarding, surgery, lab and diagnostic services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(251) 633-4857

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6 Reviews on “Irby-Overton Veterinary Hospital”

Very Good
6 reviews
  • Christine Davis

    My 4-month-old Yorkie Maltese mix was attacked by another big dog and it broke his jaw I went into the clinic hysterical the staff was amazing the doctor was amazing and I just want them all to know how much I appreciate them

  • Linda Wright

    Everyone was great and Dr Beth was very caring. I felt very much at ease after talking to Dr. Beth and to Brook. My 2 babies have surgery in the morning.
    Update my babies had their operations on Oct.12 and it went great. My gray baby Loki had one of hier eyes removed.I was so scared for her but it went great and she is one happy baby. My other baby Bucky, had to get spayed. That worried me also , I had Loki and Thor ,(Thor is Loki sister) spayed by another vet. Their scar was about 6 inches and had loads of stitches on the outside. They had a hard and painful recovery. Becky’s scar was less than 2 inches and no outside stitches. She was great with little discomfort. I am so happy with both operations. I was charged less than my original price quotes Everyone was so nice.One more thing with all the money that I have spent on vets. Dr. Beth was the only one that personally called the day after their surgery to see how they were doing. All my fur babies, were strays my 3 gray babies I got when I found them in the middle of my back yard ,their eyes were still closed and less than 2 weeks old. I found their mom killed on side of road. Bucky came up to my house at about 3months old.How someone could just throw away animals is puzzling. If you look in the eyes of an animal it’s like they can see inside your soul.Maybe that’s why people do what they do.

  • Mary Stewart

    I cannot thank Dr Murphy, Dr Overton and the friendly staff enough! They were very professional and caring during our last urgent visit with our pup. My husband and I can?t thank them enough!

  • Jeanette Able

    The staff is very friendly and takes really good care of our Pug. Doc is down to earth and speaks in "human" terms that are easy to understand.

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