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Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital

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About Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona trust Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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  • Raeanne Ortega

    R.I.P to an awesome dog. Where is the humane in the humane society. I think they give up on animals way too easy. I thought this was a no kill shelter. Rex is/was an amazing and trainable dog. To euthanize him is so wrong. He would have made the right family happy. He deserved more effort and training and time put into him, just like many other animals. The humane society should at least contact the people who fostered the animal to ask if they would want them before killing them. Rex was very misunderstood but he was a big baby who just needed someone to give him their time and commitment and love. R.I.P to Rex and also to all the other animals who have been murdered by the humane society. Some animals would have been better off just staying strays and running into the right loving human instead of the humane society. Rex deserved better. Even the day I took Rex back to the humane society I had a bad feeling about it. I knew they didn?t care for him like he deserved. Yes Rex had some anxiety problems and he was destructive but those were behaviors that could have been worked with. He just needed time instead of being given up on. And that?s what it is, This place gives up on animals too easy. Just don?t call yourselves the humane society. Rex?s memory will forever live on and I?ll never forget the time I got to spend with such a good dog! There is no reason good enough for putting down/killing Rex. That is very cruel. Poor baby I wish I could of been there for him more.

  • Laurie Wilson

    Do Not Trust This Place! Inhumane what they did to the cat that was living on my mother’s patio for 2 years when she died! The cat was brought to humane society I was made all kinds of promises! They sliced her stomach open to get the babies out to kill them! Threw it back out on the streets and next day she made her way back to my mom’s patio and now she’s laying there with her sliced stomach bleeding!; and she’s begging for her babies. So Sad ?. I hate myself for ever trusting what they told me they would do for this beautiful sweet cat.

  • Halle K

    The people and volunteers here are angels. Thank you so much for all that you do. Please consider adopting here if you want a pet?but above all, adopt don?t shop!

  • Anndrea Cruz

    I donated dog toys, treats and food when I had to surrender my dogs. The staff is kind and helpful. The puppy was adopted in a month. The 3 year old dog had some much needed dental work, which I was completely unaware of. They take care of their medical, dental and emotional needs too. They have sponsors and resources to get animals adopted or fostered, so I’m confident in their care.

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