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VCA Apache Animal Hospital

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About VCA Apache Animal Hospital

Residents of Sierra Vista, Arizona trust VCA Apache Animal Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(520) 458-0930

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5 Reviews on “VCA Apache Animal Hospital”

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  • Caitlin Strachan

    I won’t go here ever again. I really don’t think they have yours or your pet’s best interest in mind. I took my very sick cat in who, unbeknownst to me, was near death. They gave him antibiotics and gave him.a dewormer. I thought it was strange that they didn’t just run bloodwork. I ended up returning the very next day because he still wasn’t eating. They ran bloodwork and other things which ended up costing over 700 dollars basically just to have them tell me he was dying of kidney failure and there was nothing they could do. Their prices were outrageous and I didn’t agree with their approach at all. If you’re in a vulnerable position go somewhere else.

  • Sam Steffen

    This team has been a life saver for us and our very anxious dog. After having a horrible experience at another vets office, the VCA team has gone above and beyond to be compassionate, patient, and understanding to ensure our dog gets the treatment he needs. They treat every animal uniquely and do everything they can to make visits a positive experience not only for the animal but the parents as well. So thankful for each of you!

  • Hannah Ochoa

    I have three cats and took two of them in for their first visit check up and shots and the staff helped me carry the carrier in and out of the place as I have arthritis and they took great care of my babies who were calm and curious throughout the visit they never got nervous or upset aside from it being an unfamiliar place the staff is great and the care is wonderful

  • Tracy lynn

    I want to applaud these people here! My 18 year old cat Rain has been very sick and back in June of this year I found a lump. She’s been to a specialist in Tucson and also another Vet in town but no one was sure what it was and did not recommend any test. This Vetenarian showed so much concern and care because the lump on her neck around her chin area had increased in size and she could barely eat. They did an xray and were going to do a biopsy of the lump but unfortunately found she has cancer all through her body. The Vetenarian said its not her time and gave me everything she needed to care for her at home plus help with any pain. I’m happy to report exactly a week from her diagnosis today she’s showing signs of improvement! Yes she may not have much longer but she’s in great spirits, feeling better, putting weight back on and eating her prescription diet on her own. Thank you so much for all you have done! It may be only a little extra time with her but every day is a gift! I attached photos of her I took today, look how wonderful she looks now thanks to all of you!

  • OX O'Brien

    The staff was so gentle and considerate at a time that was hard for our family. One of our pets had an injury that wasn’t able to recover from, and they allowed us to come in, stay in the room with, and euthanize all with gentle understanding and thoughtfulness of our loss. They went the extra mile for us, and I’ll recommend them to anyone who needs pet care done with giant hearts of love. Thank you so much VCA Apache Animal Hospital.

    The O’Brien’s and (Jack)

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