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Best Friends Pet Clinic

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About Best Friends Pet Clinic

Residents of Fort Smith, Arkansas trust Best Friends Pet Clinic for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(479) 782-8113

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5 Reviews on “Best Friends Pet Clinic”

5 reviews
  • Emelly Pacheco

    Went there today because my cat biggy was in serious condition they showed love and care to all the animals and I appreciate them very much I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!! It’s not as expensive as other vet clinics and they always know and try their best to treat all animals.

  • A.M.C Y

    If your looking for cheap and Best Qualities this is the Best clinic!!!

  • KC Clash

    If you live in the River Valley and have pet rats, go see Dr. Preston. She genuinely loves rats and is considerate of their health and well-being. She was always so happy to see my boys, Rufus and Remy. I had them scheduled to be neutered here after they were showing some aggression issues, and I was an absolute nervous wreck going into it, especially about Remy, as he is so much smaller than Rufus.
    But after a pre examination, Dr. Preston made the educated decision to not neuter Remy. Rufus was neutered, and it went fine. The day after his surgery, his wound opened up. I texted the vet, and they had me bring him right over. Even though Dr. Preston was out, Dr. Martin was able to help after discussion with Dr Preston.
    Rufus came out fine. Two or three weeks later, he is his happy, healthy old self.
    I moved to Fayetteville, and when I had an emergency recently with Remy, Best Friends was able to quickly get me his medical records for the local vet.
    Thank you, Best Friends, for taking such good care of my best friends. Thank you for your reliable and quick communication. I truly would feel safe leaving any rat in the care of Dr Preston.

  • Kimberly W

    First time here and it was great! The staff was friendly, the Saturday hours are awesome! The only thing that was different from any vet I’ve visited in the past was that I had to wait to get medicine for my puppy until Monday. It was just a weird process but I’m sure they have their reasons. Great overall experience!

  • Paul Montgomery

    Best friend’s pet clinic knows that your animals are family.
    We’ve had nothing but great experience at this clinic. They are very methodical and reasonably priced.

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