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Morena Pet Hospital & Bird Center

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About Morena Pet Hospital & Bird Center

Residents of San Diego, California trust Morena Pet Hospital & Bird Center for their pet care needs. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in animal dental care including routine cleanings and extractions. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(619) 275-0888

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5 Reviews on “Morena Pet Hospital & Bird Center”

5 reviews
  • E Soto

    I called to speak with the manager about my cat this morning and literally this place has the most compassion out of all the places that I’ve called in San Diego for my cat everybody else just seems to worry about money

  • Victoria Ha

    We were so nervous about our dog’s spay surgery. We tragically lost our previous dog back in October 2020 and after we lost him, we were blessed to find and adopt a beautiful girl to help us cope with the grief. She was also a new companion for our orange tabby cat that was also in mourning. We waited for our girl to go through her first heat and decided that we would move forward with getting her spayed before she turned 2 (in September 2022). After making numerous calls around to San Diego to find a "reasonable" price, I landed on Morena Pet Hospital and it was well worth every penny. Although you can’t put a price on the wellness and care of your beloved pet, it was equally nice to know that we were paying less than $600 for everything and our girl was in good hands! Dr. Lindsey Moore was phenomenal and while our girl was in her care, Dr. Lindsey called us to give us an update on Kinna’s physical exam results and explained to us the next steps for the blood panel, surgery, and recovery period post-op. She was extremely understanding and empathetic to our anxieties and questions. Overall, we were just really impressed especially in such an emotional state. The spay is a routine procedure but the risk involved is what scared us the most. After we lost our dog in 2020, we later suffered two pregnancy losses (one in 2021, and one in 2022). So the potential of losing our girl just manifested itself as a result of our trauma and so we were extra nervous. Suffice it to say, we could not be more pleased with the compassionate experience and service our little girl and her nervous fur parents received. We 5/5 recommend Dr. Lindsey Moore and the Morena Pet Hospital.

  • Wendy Prophet

    I wouldn’t take my Westie Napoleon anywhere else. I implicitly trust Dr. Steib & Dr. Moore with his health and wellness. Marcy at the front desk is so friendly, kind and compassionate. The whole staff always makes me feel welcome and they’re so sweet to Napoleon. They are a fear free facility and do everything they can to make your pet feel less anxiety and fear. Napoleon is 16 (turning 17 at the end of this month) and Dr. Steib has helped me keep him healthy and comfortable. She has such a depth of knowledge & caring. It really comes through in how thorough she is when she calls with test results or new ideas for treatments. I appreciate this pet hospital/vet clinic so very much. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Napoleon!

  • Anda Willett

    We LOVE Morena Pet Hospital with Dr. Steib! Otis and Penny have been going there for over a decade. Otis was diagnosed this time last year with a long-term, eventually terminal illness, which ended up being extremely complex. Through rounds of visits, top-notch care, and the team approach, Otis has surpassed multiple expectations and thriving today. While he’s still terminal, he’s happy, energetic, and loving life.

    The team there listens, validates concerns, is progressive in their approach, and does not try unnecessary costly procedures when it is not necessary. I don’t trust Otis and Penny’s care without the guidance of Dr. Steib and the Morena Pet Hospital team. They are patient, kind, and knowledgeable every day, especially in high stress, surprising scenarios.

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