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Banfield Pet Hospital

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About Banfield Pet Hospital

Residents of Atlanta, Georgia trust Banfield Pet Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(404) 237-7455

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5 Reviews on “Banfield Pet Hospital”

5 reviews
  • Craig Knapp

    Poor. No doctor. No communication. Unprofessional. No staff. Go elsewhere. This is from a long customer who has three dogs on wellness program. It’s bad all

  • Kay

    I repeat ! Do not go to this location ! They are short staffed , don’t have a full time doctor so it’s always a different doctor , they cancel appts often due to being understaffed . This is one of the worse locations !

  • Alison Dellinger


    When my dog had a medical emergency, I called my local Banfield to get him an appointment ASAP. They were not able to see him for a few hours, so they referred us to the emergency vet near by. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring our boy home. Almost $1300 later and we decided to put him down due to his very poor prognosis.

    A week after his passing I called Banfield corporate to remove him from the wellness plan we activated him only 6 weeks earlier. They said I am responsible to pay the remaining 11 months of the wellness plan or pay for his services from the previous month at cost, which ever is cheaper. In our case, it was less expensive to pay for the 11 remaining months of the wellness plan.

    I was absolutely dumb founded. I am grieving the loss of our dog and Banfield corporate wants me to continue paying for his care through the rest of the year or pay the cost of his original treatment without the plan discounts JUST so they can reach their bottom line. I am disgusted by the lack of compassion this veterinary cooperation is built on.

    Banfield is solely a BUSINESS and not a veterinary practice. Perhaps the medical professionals truly care for your pets’ care, but they aren’t the ones running this business. There are so many better vets out there that run their own practice and value the compassion pet owners need. Don’t make the same mistake I did, avoid Banfield!

  • Vanessa

    Sadly this is the worst Banfield I’ve ever been to. They have no organization, no committed vets or staff and are constantly making mistakes. They know nothing about the well being of animals besides what their broken system tells them. Please don’t take your babies here-I deeply regret bringing mine 🥺

  • Sonya

    The staff is very friendly. I think sometimes the just don’t listen well. I made an appt. for a specific shot for my fur baby’s allergies. I guess he was due some vaccines too but I wasn’t told that the day before when I made the appointment. I get there and they’re telling me all this stuff he needs, which some things they said were not correct. I was so confused. They had NO idea I made the appointment for the allergy shot. So I let them go ahead and do all that stuff. Got home my dog is still itching and scratching. They didn’t even give him the shot that I made the appt for. I was not happy!! I had taken off work and now I have to come back the next day!!! Of course there was no charge, thank you! But I’m not sure if I trust that location anymore. My dog is old a deaf so I’m extra protective. But again very friendly staff!

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