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Walton Way Veterinary Clinic

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About Walton Way Veterinary Clinic

Residents of Augusta, Georgia trust Walton Way Veterinary Clinic for their pet care needs. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in animal dental care including routine cleanings and extractions, surgery, cardiology. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(706) 733-2288

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5 Reviews on “Walton Way Veterinary Clinic”

5 reviews
  • Nancy Duncan

    Acting different was a very nice and friendly place and now it’s always an excuse to give my dog a bath everytime I call there always recommending other places to take my dog. And yet he’s always a good boy when he goes to the vet. I feel like here any more their trying to get us to go somewhere else.

  • One Venus

    This place rocks! They are really caring about the pets, not trying to gouge the customers, just honest with their advice and give wonderful service! And so convenient for me!

  • thepleiades444

    I’d highly advise going to another vet. After using them for a few years, once our baby was diagnosed with a disease that ended up terminal, “Dr.” Vann wrote us off. She also got snotty with us for not using her over priced online portal for medications. The vet techs were nice enough, but didn’t give us all the information we needed to treat our pet. We had to ask for medications that we found through friends via their vets, who had pets with the same condition. Then they got weird with us and didn’t give us any other information that is highly recommended for pets in this condition. Multiple people and another vet, stated that this vet’s way of handling this was very weird and uncaring. Vann only prescribes stuff she can make a profit on. Whenever we came back in to try to treat the diagnosis and prolong our baby’s life, we were just given a bs response of “quality of life…” like they immediately wanted to euthanize without giving us any other option. RUN don’t walk to another vet. Avoid this over priced sham where they write off your babies.

  • Amanda Kaye

    I?ve taken my two cats here for the last few years and have had nothing but a positive experience. My one cat is quite difficult at the vet, and the techs and vet have always made an effort to make sure she feels comfortable. Great service, friendly staff!

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