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Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton

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About Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton

Residents of Roswell, Georgia trust Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton for their pet care needs. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in 24/7 veterinary care for pet emergencies. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(770) 594-2266

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96 Reviews on “Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton”

  • Cyn T

    I highly recommend this emergency vet center. Friday night my 16 lb poodle mix dog was attacked by a Rottweiler while on a walk. When I arrived here they took my dog and were extremely helpful and patient. They were very patient with explaining his after care to me and made sure I understood everything. I am very grateful to Dr. Fitzgerald and the rest of the staff working that night for taking care of my fur baby.

  • Angela Downing

    I have had to bring two of my cats here for care. One cat required 24 hour care after having surgery. I picked him up each morning and dropped him off each night for 3 days. They were wonderful and caring during that time. Unfortunately, I had to come back today with my 18 year old cat due to symptoms of a nasty UTI that could not wait for our regular vet. The staff is always so friendly and the vets are very knowledgeable. I am also impressed at how quickly we were seen and treated. I have always had a positive experience here and feel their prices are extremely reasonable for emergency care. Hopefully I won’t have to visit again anytime soon, but if an emergency happens, I will always bring my pets here.

  • Bob Wolfson

    The folk at Atlanta Veterinary Dental Services were knowledgeable and took good care of my cat.

  • Tammy Oconnor

    This ER vet is one of the best. Took great care of my dog and she is recovering very well.

  • Rita Ascher

    Dr. Engeran was so kind, compassionate and reassuring when I brought my dog in with a bite wound in the early morning hours. Due to my dog’s advanced age and existing health issues, we decided to only partially treat him here and let his regular vet, who is familiar with him and his medical history, complete treatment in the morning. Dr. Engeran reassured me that waiting a few hours would be safe and would not cause harm.
    While I hope we never have an emergency situation again, I would not hesitate to bring my dog to be treated by her.
    Also, this is an emergency vet, open when other vet’s offices are closed, and the prices will likely reflect that. To have access to a trusted professional when your pet needs immediate medical attention in the middle of the night is invaluable. In our case, based on the estimate for full treatment here vs at our vet was miniscule.

  • Kathy Shanley

    Very caring and reasonably priced

  • Randy Adams

    I brought my dog here with a hurt paw the front receptionist was very welcoming and friendly but that’s where it stops.. They took my dog to the back I informed them I am first time pet owner but that meant nothing all I kept hearing was about money even before I was informed he had a fractured leg… They took me into this room the Vet came in and informed me that my dog needed x rays and then we could go from there. Well the Vet never came back this gentleman with no customer service came in and insisted that the vet wanted us to pay right away for the procedure so my dog could be seen now mind you I had not seen any x rays… I informed him hey she said she’ll be back to talk to me about it before anything is done but he kept insisting no she needs a yes or no now!! Now as I said I’m a first time pet owner so I didn’t know but I knew my puppy was hurt and pain and I wanted him better… I was charged $740 for some bandage wrap a plastic leg splint and some pills… I got home and in 2 days my puppy chewed off the wrap and for 20$ at cvs I rewrap his leg the same way they did… Their communication sucks and they are overpriced…

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