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Animal Healing Center

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About Animal Healing Center

At Animal Healing Center, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in Boise, Idaho. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(208) 424-7755

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10 Reviews on “Animal Healing Center”

  • Alesha Stowe

    If I could give this establishment zero stars, I would. I accompanied a good friend while she had to put her beloved dog to sleep. I’ve been through this process in the past with my own personal pets and while it is heart-wrenching and painful, it was very peaceful and calm. What I witnessed at this facility was absolutely traumatizing. I can’t get the scenario out of my head, the damage is deep. The compassion was lacking from the very beginning. The vet (yes, VETERINARIAN) attempted to insert an IV into the front paw of the dog and failed. She dug around searching for a vain all while the poor dog was crying in pain. After putting the dog through the pain in a piss poor attempt to insert an IV, she then took him to another room for 25 minutes to insert a catheter. Once he was brought back, she then moved on to paw #2 inserting "part" of the final dose of medicine. After she discovered that the dose was not enough, she moved to paw #3 attempting to deliver the last and final fatal dose, the dog cried in pain as she removed the syringe leaving the needle in the paw, as the dog dropped and died in his owner’s arms. As this whole event wasn’t traumatic enough, the vet then paced around the room exclaiming "Oh my God, that was a lot more work than I have had to do putting down a horse." This seemed to be her justification for the horrible event. This appointment was very unorganized, as though they had never done this before. I am absolutely appalled and disgusted with this facility. I wouldn’t wish this place on any pet owner or pet. There are so many more better facilities in the valley, facilities who care about you and your pet. PET OWNER BEWARE!

  • Amy Mitchell

    Best vet in the valley!

  • Teresa Johnston

    Dr. Sara’s where do I begin? From the moment Josie set paws on your doorstep she was at ease. You’re a gift from God. Thank you for your expertise’, your genuine Compassion and state of the art care. Josie was lucky to have known your love. My prayers and blessings to you. Thank you! Josie is looking down upon us and running and playing in dog heaven!

  • Carolyn Tompkins

    Nothing but the best care for your pet

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