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Mobile Pet Medical Care

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About Mobile Pet Medical Care

Residents of Boise, Idaho trust Mobile Pet Medical Care for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(208) 322-0370

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5 Reviews on “Mobile Pet Medical Care”

5 reviews
  • Robert Ormond

    It is great that there is a full house call service here in the boise area. They can even do dental cleanings and surgery in their mobile rig so I never have to drop off my pet at the clinic. They have a very reasonable wellness care plan as well.

  • Ruth Thomas

    They took advantage of My mother. She bought their plan for vet care. The same day she had them out for a dental care. That was on Friday, on Monday she had to call them. They took my mother’s dachshund back to the clinic , then called her later told her she had diabetes. They told her to come by she could pick her up they would show her how to give the shots. My mother was so happy Katy was going home. She got to the clinic, but now Katy has so sick she needs to be put down. She had to pay over 300dollars and continue to pay the insurance for a dog that died less than a week. My mother was paying for a dog that died at the clinic. She paid for 11 more payments. Horrible people.

  • B

    Our border collie HATES going to the vet and he barely noticed a thing. This is a game changer. Great, caring service and a heck of a good deal.

  • Pierre The Cat and his Mama

    The love of my life, Pierre passed away last week, and I emailed Dr Ormonds clinic for help. Darby immediately replied and the next day came over. I totally love and adore Darby, she is SO WONDERFUL, soothing, caring and she totally helped me, she is a healing therapist and I just can’t thank her enough. A few days later after Pierre was cremated, Darby came back to deliver a beautiful wooden Urn and a gorgeous ceramic print of Pierre’s Paw personalized with his name. I broke down into tears. They also included a lock of his hair. It was so thoughtful, and so sweet. I am so grateful for this wonderful service at such a hard time.

    Pierre slept by my side for 13 years and died laying in my arms. He is survived by his soulmate Pixie, who struggled this week after she saw him lifeless. For 4 days, she waited for him in their special spot where they had moonlit dates in bed by the window. They had 1 last date 2 nights before he passed. They were raised together all their lives. Fortunately, Pixie is not alone. Dr Ormond helped me when I rescued twin Feral Kitten boys 3 years ago. They became Pierre’s best friends and brothers and they helped Pixie come out of her depression and hiding spot this week. Pixie is coming back to herself. But we all feel Pierre’s absence. He played like a baby kitten even until the end of his life in his senior years, he was the most wonderful, lovable being, who taught me how to truly love. Just before he passed, he tapped me 3 times with his leg, as he laid nestled in my arms. Later I realized, and knew he was saying, “I love you” because I taught him, “I LOVE YOU” by tapping him 3 times and then hugging and kissing him, he knew I love you so well, and he would tap me back with his tail or paw. I feel as he was crossing over over and transitioning, his angelic spirit came through just before he was completely gone to say I love you… I am such as strong believer, I am certain of it. The morning after he passed, for my own peace of mind, I envisioned Pierre going into the light. I also envisioned my house filled with the golden light, and bringing in peace and everlasting love, for his spirit to always have a home here. Later on, I felt such a beautiful peace and love flow through me, and I know it was Pierre making contact that he is in a much better place.

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