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Animal Hospital-Council Bluffs

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About Animal Hospital-Council Bluffs

Residents of Council Bluffs, Iowa trust Animal Hospital-Council Bluffs for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(712) 323-0598

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Reviews & Ratings

5 Reviews on “Animal Hospital-Council Bluffs”

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  • Paul of Iowa

    Inconsistent info and treatment.

  • Patty Meyer

    Nice people but expensive

  • Kelley Keech

    At one point and time a 5 star they would had gotten! As I have a 14+ year old dog and he is really on hospice care. A tumor growing from his heat ( found when I lived in Virginia in Jan 2021). November 2021 my wonderful vet I was given at The Animal Clinic, also discovered he was also in congestive heart failure. I felt I was able to take my boy to see her when I question myself on his life. He is in no pain, and mentally he is sound which makes it hard. I called in December for a medication refill only to find out my vet is no longer there. Well it was important that I find her as I don’t want to change Doctors at this short time in his life. I found her and I would make the drive to keep my boys vet the same in his final days. I am however UNABLE to do so as, The Animal Clinic will NOT sign a note to approve for me to take him there. She has bought a vet office and there is a no compete clause in her exit contract and without them signing off for me to take him there she is unable to see us. Sadly for The Animal Clinic I will always have animals but I will not be going back there. So now I am having to find a new vet this late in his care, the one thing I wanted to avoid because they wouldn’t help us. I want a veterinarian that has compassion something I feel they lack and do what’s right by the animal. The vet that left told me there were good veterinarians there they would care for him, to me if I have to change vets I am changing companies.

  • Brittney Moreland

    I called tocheck prices to get my dog fixed. They do not give any information on prices over the phone. They make you make an appointment with a $50 deposit that goes towards the pet exam. They informed me that it would be $700.00. When I told them I’m not paying that I’ll just take my deposit back. The lady got rude and said "You don’t get your money back that deposit you paid was for your office visit". My response… no the deposit was for an exam that you never did on my dog. So needless to say them people are over charging and Rude. Thanks for wasting my time when you could of given me a estimated price so neither one of are times where wasted.

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