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Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital

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About Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital

Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital is a veterinary clinic located in Buckeystown, Maryland. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(301) 698-9930

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5 Reviews on “Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital”

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  • Sharon

    Not recommended for NAVHDA trained dogs.

  • maria “mimi luv”

    As a former employee, The doctors were fantastic they really care about the animals. The Vet techs were great Denton is top notch he will go above and beyond for your fur baby, Kaitlyn is equally as wonderful. The receptionists are super attentive and caring Michelle, Ashley, and Brittney will make sure all your needs are met. The Kennel crew consisting of Andrew and Micah are really the backbone of Buckeystown Vet Hospital. They take care of every animal that comes in like its their own, very attentive and courteous , a really great team. The reason this Vet Hospital is not rated higher is due to lack of management. uncommunicative, un supportive, and because unfortunately since being bought out by a corporation they stopped caring about the employees and only care about numbers. Overall the employees were wonderful. They will always be there for your animals needs. Management just needs to do better.

  • Janet Li

    Everybody here is so friendly and nice. We adopted Tiger our cat at Frederick County Animal Shelter and one of Vet that listed to have a free wellness check for your fur babies is the Buckeystown Vet Hospital, although they weren’t participating anymore, they still honor the voucher and made us feel welcome. I think Tiger found his regular Veterinarian. Thank you for the wonderful service and care.

  • Lora Lee Sigmon

    I took my previous dog to this practice for several years. I moved a bit over a year ago and found a new vet (thank goodness).
    At the time I left, this practice had grown too large to properly serve its customers. I understand that same-day appointments are difficult, but when faced with a semi-urgent medical matter, I could never get an appointment within a week, and was always told I could pay hundreds to go to an emergency vet. What is the purpose of having an existing relationship with a vet if you can’t get appointments? Again, I wasn’t expecting a same-day appointment, I was expecting an appointment at some time within a week or two. I was given dates a month or more out. This happened on multiple occasions. And this was for *any* vet; good luck trying to see the same one twice.
    Perhaps the most egregious issues occurred when I was boarding my dog. On one occasion, I had scheduled him to be boarded, and found a week prior that he had tapeworms. I called to notify them (I very specifically told them I had seen tapeworms) and ask for the appropriate meds, and was told to submit a fecal sample and pay for testing, which I immediately did. I thought this was odd, since tapeworms don’t show up on these tests. I got a call from their office telling me nothing showed up and he was all clear! Which would have been great had I not seen the worms moving. After demanding to speak with a vet, she confirmed what I already knew, which was that the test they ordered doesn’t detect tapeworms, and told me to just come by and pick up the meds.
    So just to recap; they made me pay for a test which was useless. They then told me my dog could be boarded despite me telling them that I had seen moving worm segments. The only reason that didn’t happen was because I pushed the issue.
    If that is their policy, I guess it’s no mystery where he contracted the tapeworms.

  • Kim Leaman

    Dr. Fear was super! Very friendly, thorough, and non-judgemental. We’ve had some significant family matters to attend to and grooming has not been a priority for us, unfortunately. She finally has an appointment to be groomed but Dr. Fear made me feel less bad about it and I appreciated that very much. He also noticed an issue with her nails and her nether regions and suggested tests that could help determine a cause. Thank you Dr. Fear for being so thorough with our 14-year old kitty.

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