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About Bloom Animal Hospital

At Bloom Animal Hospital, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in Livonia, Michigan. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in animal dental care including routine cleanings and extractions, dermatology services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(734) 224-9093

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51 Reviews on “Bloom Animal Hospital”

  • Maggie Lobbig

    I only go here because there aren’t any other options. I moved to the area for grad school not too long ago, and needed a place to continue to refill my cat’s (extremely necessary) daily allergy medication. As others have mentioned, communication and appointment scheduling was a struggle from the beginning. I got bumped from my initial appointment about a week before the appointment was supposed to be, and every appointment since then has taken twice as long as I’ve thought reasonable. I get that they’re probably overwhelmed with patients, but that doesn’t make the experience any better.

    Communication is also very hit or miss, as I have had to ask multiple times for a quote for a procedure, and often feel like I’m imposing when I call with questions for the front desk. I was hoping for a smooth transition from my previous vet, but it was anything but that. When making my initial appointment, there seemed to be a lot of confusion about what my/my cats needs were, and I had to answer the same questions multiple times. All I wanted was to continue what we had been doing with the old vet, but they seemed extremely reluctant to do so. Also, for some reason they always ask the same questions about his history at every appointment as if they keep no record of him as an existing patient. This is very annoying and confusing, I have never had a vet do this…

    They also haven’t taken the time to form a connection with my cat, who is usually extremely friendly and loves everyone. He is now terrified whenever I have to bring him in for an appointment, which was not the case at my old vet. They once had to draw his blood for a checkup, and he was so distraught that they sent us home and told me to come back another time after giving him some anti-anxiety medicine. Again, this has never happened at any of his other vets.

    Finally, as others have also said, they are extremely expensive. I know there aren’t any cheap vets, but they don’t do a very good job of explaining why the course of action is necessary and if there are any other options, which leaves me feeling very distrustful.

  • Madahi Pavon Figueroa

    About a year ago our dog Levi got diagnosed with Discoid Lupus, we had issues finding the right vet for him but after awhile we had a recommendation to go to Dr.Bloom, we are so happy we did. Dr.Bloom has helped our dog get back on track and feeling more comfortable. Although pricey it is the best choice we have made in treating our dog.

  • Shauntice Richmond

    I have been taking both my cats here from 6 weeks to present 17yrs. Recently I took my kitty in due to weight loss and vomiting. The visit started off ok. After blood work and medication for GI-disease, it was requested that more blood work be completed for hyperthyroid disease as well. We returned. He was sent home again with more gi medication, with an x-ray/ultrasound recommendation for the GI. We were notified that the 2nd blood test showed slightly elevated thyroid levels and told to continue to monitor his weight until he could come in for ultrasound/x-ray (which has nothing to do with thyroid). 4.5 months have passed and kitty is still losing weight. He is exhibiting all the signs of hyperthyroid disease. I called to inform them of the continued weight loss, and request a prescription for Hills Cat Food for Thyroid, and hesitantly schedule a visit. We reviewed the last visit notes and it was recommended that new blood work be done. I made the appointment. I asked if in the meantime it would be wise to start him on the new food to help him. The lady stated it wouldn’t be a bad idea, but she had to send the request to the doctor. Understandable. SO far so good, right? WRONG!! I get a voicemail stating that the doctor will not prescribe the medication. They are closed Wednesdays, so my husband calls Thurs morn to find out why the denial of food script. Finally, the tech calls me back and says the food is iodine free and may harm the kitty because they need iodine. She proceeds to tell us his bloodwork is over 6 months old (taken in July, it’s Dec.) and needs to be redrawn. I explain my kitty’s discontent with the vet office and request to be in the room if that is needed. She also states he still needs ultrasound/x-rays. Myself and my husband are both asking what the new test are for, if the old test showed issues and why would we need ultrasound/x-rays? We wanted her to review his records and tell us why no follow-up blood work was requested or recommended 5 months ago. She didn’t take well to us asking questions about additional testing for THE SAME THING!!! She was condescending and had ZERO compassion or patience. At one point she pulled the phone away from her mouth and spoke with someone in the background stating that she wasn’t going to argue with us about the kitty and we could just take him somewhere else. I spoke clearly into the phone that I could hear her and she placed us on a quick hold and came back. My husband requested to speak with the doctor. Dr Z. came on the line, thoroughly explained what was necessary and why, and we perfectly understood and was receptive to the next steps, UNTIL……upon explaining to her how condescending and rude the technician was during the earlier part of the conversation AND explaining the background conversation, her response was…..Ok! Just as condescending. My husband and I both heard her CLEARLY. After a little chuckle we agreed that we wanted nothing else to do with BLOOM. Dr. Z then said that the relationship with us and the vet was not a good fit. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!!!! You are a money grabbing facility, with little compassion. That is EXACTLY why you are a 3 star rating. Just give us BOTH our fur babies’ records so that they can be somewhere that cares. OUR love for them has no budget, but it definitely has boundaries!!

  • C E (Roman's Mom)

    Dr Bloom and staff are amazing!

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