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BluePearl Pet Hospital (Lee’s Summit)

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About BluePearl Pet Hospital (Lee’s Summit)

Residents of Lee’s Summit, Missouri trust BluePearl Pet Hospital (Lee’s Summit) for their pet care needs. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in 24/7 veterinary care for pet emergencies. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(816) 554-4990

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317 Reviews on “BluePearl Pet Hospital (Lee’s Summit)”

  • AlilBittaBoth

    Staff is caring, and friendly.

    They give you an $ estimate on services before they give your animal any care. Then, charge an arm and leg for tests…. i.e $350 for blood work…

  • Andrew England

    came here with my dog and didn?t walk out with one. they wanted us to pay 1600 for us to pick her up at 7 in the morning while this was 2pm. we said we wanted to take her (the dog) home and she was pronounced dead without a cause of death.

  • Zack Mcmahan

    Took our rottie there 2 years ago for severe complications and was turned away because the emergency vet was on lunch. Went again this morning with a dog vomiting large amounts of blood. Was turned away because they stop emergency visits at 7am. That?s fine, except for it was 6:45. They were just lazy

  • Alec Cota

    To start off this review I would like to say that my cat is in good health and the medicine they prescribed seems to be helping him but the process to get there was absolutely infuriating to say the very least. We had to rush our 7 month old cat at 10:00PM because he had recently been declawed and his wound had reopened and was bleeding everywhere. He was taken from us the second we walked in the door which was nice but we didn?t even get an update for over an hour. When we did get an update they said we?d have a room to speak with the doctor shortly? We didn?t get a room for another hour and were told that the doctor would be in shortly. Lo and behold we had to wait ANOTHER hour in the room before the doctor went in. Once the doctor had finally arrived we were told that he needed pain meds and that it would take 30 minutes to set in. At this point it?s a little after 1:00AM and we were told that we?d get a call within the next 30 minutes to take him home. 1:45 rolls around and ?shockingly? no call. So I go back in the waiting room and ask for an update. Come to find out, he still hadn?t even been given medicine yet. We didn?t get him back until after 2:30AM. And I understand that some critical condition patients came in while we were there and I agree that they get first serve since his life wasn?t in danger but it didn?t take a whole team of techs to do what they did for my cat. All they did was examine him, help stop the bleeding and gave him medicine. There?s not a single world where that should take 4 and a half hours even if it were jam packed (which it wasn?t). And even if they were slammed, all they had to do was say something but we were just told, ?It?ll be here shortly, or it?ll be ready in a few?. So to summarize, I am thankful that my cat is okay but it really didn?t have to be that painful of a process and it could?ve taken so much less time for both of us.

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