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Veterinary Emergency and Surgery

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About Veterinary Emergency and Surgery

At Veterinary Emergency and Surgery, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in Brentwood, New Hampshire. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in 24/7 veterinary care for pet emergencies, pet training, surgery, lab and diagnostic services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(603) 642-9111

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  • kerri Normand

    Brought our dog in for an exploratory surgery for eating a mat, surgery was successful . Accidents happens, hence why we were there in the first place . Fast forward a week later our dog VOMITS A LONG PIECE OF GAUZE with a light knot, ( previous vet tech so I knew what it was) cleaned it off and brought in with me, ONLY TO FIND OUT while being hospitalized in their care he chewed his iv catheter and ingested the gauze. NON of which was brought to our attention, AGAIN accidents happen hence while we were there in the first place, knowing he gets blocked and eats things – this sat in his stomach for a week after an emergency surgery. The DR was great, she apologized for the staff member and again this neglegancecould have led to a horrific ending , with the staff member just hoping it would go away, or would not realize what it was: when speaking with the manager after she blamed it on the gauze in the e-collar she assumed we took home- WE did NOT , I declined the e-collar and told her to watch tapes of us leaving ( this was after the DR told me the technician admitted to him ingesting it in their care ) We never asked for a discount, we paid the full bill – BUT the lack of care & professionalism of manager was unbelievable.
    There was one receptionist, and DR that did surgery that were the only positive caring professional people in there, and I thank them for the care and compassion of our dog.

  • Christine DelRossi

    The staff was friendly, and they cared about my dogs well-being.

  • kate leblanc

    Super awesome crew. Knowledgeable and felt very comfortable..

  • Andy Rowe

    Doctors were appropriately compassionate and realistic. They answered all questions clearly. The professionals made a difficult visit go as smoothly as possible.

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