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Equine Specialty Hospital

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About Equine Specialty Hospital

Residents of Burton, Ohio trust Equine Specialty Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(440) 834-0811

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5 Reviews on “Equine Specialty Hospital”

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  • Eric Johnson

    Our Rocky Mountain was injured and needed urgent care. The whole staff was absolutely fantastic. Our horse was treated with such great care. Everyone was thorough and crystal clear on follow up. The tech’s came out and saw us off. I love this place. Here is the important thing everyone should know,- we love our horses. It is easy to up charge and gouge an owner when their animal is in pain. It is a given when your animal is suffering you will do or pay whatever it takes. Their prices were fair and appropriate for that had to be done. I only wish for one thing- that ESH was in our hometown. Thank you, everyone from our entire family and Captain Kiko.

  • Ruth Orton

    From the moment you arrive at Eqine Specialty hospital, the staff and Veterinarians calm, friendly and professional manner put you at ease. Wonderful facility!

  • Brooke Shaffer

    My mom and brother drove over an hour to take the horse to this vet. The vet explained everything to my 16 year old brother as she was caring for the horse and was very through. When it came time to pay the professionalism was out the window! My mom asked if she could do a payment plan and was treated like a second class citizen. The treatment supplies she was given were taken from her and she was told she was lucky she was even getting the antibiotics the horse so badly needed. My mom was asked to apply for care credit and was denied. The receptionist didn’t believe she was denied and wanted to read the denial herself and asked my mom to hand over her phone. There were comments made about “people who don’t have money” multiple times. At one point my 16 year old brother was asked to pay. My mom was then asked to sign a promissory note. If the promissory note was an option from the beginning, the way she was treated did not need to happen. My mom left the vet crying.

  • Pam Stephens

    Amazing facility! Dr. Patton provided excellent care, extremely professional, and diagnosis’s were explained to me thoroughly, treatment options were offered and the fees were fair and reasonable. Definitely worth the trip!

  • Erika Abbondanzieri

    I was referred here by my regular vet. The price quoted was about half of what final bill was. Poor communication of what they were doing – they did not perform half of the radiographs and shoeing that we brought our horses for. After paying $500 each for two front shoe resets on my horses, the shoes stayed on less than 24 hours and after 36 hours 3 of the 4 shoes they put on came off. In the end they did not even address my vet’s main concern/question with the horses and there was poor follow up.

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