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Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic

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About Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic

At Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic, their team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing quality care to pets in Oregon City, Oregon. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(503) 657-3171

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5 Reviews on “Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic”

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  • Teresa Wright

    Not sure where the negative comments come from, possibly looking at the wrong clinic??

    I have been using Clackamas County Vet Clinic for 18 years, they have always been professional, caring, thorough, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. They are willing to go the extra mile. I have retired racing greyhounds which require specialized care because they are athletes and very different from other breeds. Dr Leichner and Dr Redmond have always provided the best care possible for my dogs. There have been multiple times where I presented a less than normal case and Dr Leichner has immediately got onto the internet to look up the most recent and cutting edge information.

    I could never say enough good things about the clinic and I could never express my appreciation for all the care they have provided my many animals over the years. If you are looking for an exceptional vet that goes the extra mile, Clackamas County Vet Clinic is the place to go!

  • jannienow

    When my friends beloved dog needed to be put to sleep they told her, at the last moment, in her moment of extreme distress and pain, that it would cost extra to make his death less painful. They, with no empathy, took advantage. I would NEVER trust them with my beloved pet as they only care about $. Shame on you Clackamas County Vet Clinic…shame on you!

  • Brenda Kraft

    I cannot imagine where the negative comments are coming from. Doesn’t sound like the same clinic I go to. The pricing listed in one of the comments is over exaggerated…far more than an office visit charge.

    I have been receiving care for my animals at Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic for years and would never dream of going anywhere else. Drs Leichner and Redmond, and their staff are the most welcoming, compassionate people I’ve ever met at a veterinary clinic. More than once I’ve called last minute with one emergency or another, and never have I been put off. They’ve gotten me right in and attended to my pet with loving care. When I’ve had to make the decision to put a dog down I have always been treated with the utmost respect, and have been given what ever time I needed to say goodbye to my beloved pet. Dr Leichner serenely spoke to my dog during the last moments of her life…more than my tears were shed that day!

    The staff at Clackamas County VeterinaryClinic is extremely kowledgable and willing to educate, which is important to me. They make sure all my questions are answered, and I never feel rushed through my endless questions.

    I highly recommend this clinic if you are looking for knowledgable vets and staff, and want your pet treated with loving care!! I will never take my animals anywhere else, this clinic is top notch!!

  • Barbara Long

    I have been going to this vet clinic for several years now and have always been treated with the utmost of respect and loving care for my pets. I travel more than 2 hours one way to get my dogs to this Vet Hospital or Clinic.

    Costs are well within the normal costs for Portland area vets and sometimes less. We need to remember that medications and loving care from top tecks and vets are not easily found and we are thankful for all the wonderful care our dogs get from this team at Clackamas County Vet.

    Some people think things should be free I guess…so for the negative comments…take them with a grain of salt!

  • Stefanie Dockery

    We got there right as they opened and they were amazing at our dogs care! They got her in and out with having her fixed, rabie shot, and a chip. They called us right when they were done with her surgery and were very kind… they called us telling us how she was recovering and how they liked our canine. We got their with a minute to spare… right when we walked in they clapped for us making it with a minute from closing… they kept complimenting us on how our pet was so sweet… they cared for our pup so well we couldn’t ask for any other treatment! Our pet is recovering so well and her incision is so well done! They are a very professional group, and we are definitely coming back!

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