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Colonial Park Animal Clinic

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About Colonial Park Animal Clinic

Residents of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania trust Colonial Park Animal Clinic for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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381 Reviews on “Colonial Park Animal Clinic”

  • Susan Williams

    I love the staff at Colonial Park Animal Center. My feline daughter Ebony is always happy being there. You can feel the love for their customers as you walk into the door. If you’re looking for a professional and loving veterinarian staff, give this group a try.

  • Jelaina Jones

    Update 4/17/23 – Our best boy Indiana crossed the rainbow bridge last night, and I can’t help thinking that if he would have gotten the care and compassion he needed instead of being turned away for something our of his control, he would have been with us for many more years. 4/12/23 – My dog was vomiting and lethargic. My preferred vet was closed due to the Easter Holiday, so I called and was able to get my dog in on a cancellation. Unfortunately, I wound up stuck in traffic traveling to Colonial Park from the West Shore and was 10 minutes late. I should have called, but I don’t like to use my phone on the highway and there was nowhere to pull over. I get to the clinic, call, and they tell me that they only have one vet and because I was late, they’ll have to reschedule. Reschedule an appointment for a dog who has vomited and had the runs for 3 days, because of traffic I couldn’t control? I’ve never been so disappointed in a vet’s office. The fact that they weren’t even willing to work with us was frustrating and infuriating. Ashley from the front desk, you were great. I sincerely appreciated the effort to get my dog in. But the organization as a whole will never get my business.

  • Cheryl M

    The front desk staff were awesome

  • Susan Rosenberg

    I took two of my cats to the office for routine exams and annual vaccines. The front desk staff were pleasant and helpful. Dr. Zimmerman and the veterinary technicians were very kind and gentle with my animals. The doctor diagnosed one of the cats with an ear problem and prescribed treatment for her. I have taken my animals to Colonial Park Animal Clinic for more than 20 years and recommend them to anyone seeking care for their pets. Susan R.

  • Laura Kempton

    They OVER CHARGE for everything! My pregnant dog didn’t get the services needed and yet I was still charged over $270 for the visit. Then when I tried to reschedule was given 1 option, couldn’t take off work & was told there wasn’t anything they could do. No one ever followed up on my pregnant Momma and on the delivery of the puppies. Very clear that they don’t care about my pets– they just see dollar signs $$$$$.

    Some front office staff are very rude & have extremely poor customer service skills.

    I switched to another office & am so happy now. I pay over 1/2 LESS for appointments, my dogs stay in the room with me, & the Vet & staff genuinely care about my fur babies.

    I wish someone had warned me about Colonial Park Animal Clinic so I would never have gone there!

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