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Banfield Pet Hospital

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About Banfield Pet Hospital

Looking for top-notch pet care in Johnston? Banfield Pet Hospital is here to help. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(401) 942-2259

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5 reviews
  • Nicholas Pires

    If you care about your pet at all, absolutely DO NOT take them here. I’m not sure if the hiring of these “doctors” requires any actual experience or knowledge whatsoever but it sure doesn’t seem like it does. My dog has a bump on her neck which I asked them to check on 3 separate visits. First visit they told me “no news is good news”. Second visit they told me her blood tests didn’t raise any red flags. Finally the third visit, they biopsied it and found it to be a tumor. After doing some research and asking some vet tech friends of mine, I found out that blood tests would never show any issues in terms of what she has. In other words, I was lied to on 2 occasions and I’m fairly certain the first time, they told me “no news is good news” because they hadn’t bothered to check anything at all so there was no “news” to report. That’s not to mention that their whole process now is “drop off your pet and leave” which is completely unacceptable. On another occasion, one of the doctors administering shots to my dog decided she didn’t like that my dog was sitting by my legs since she was scared and grabbed her collar and forcefully pulled her right in front of me.

    TL;DR, this hospital is filled with hacks and “doctors” who barely have a clue what they’re doing and could not be bothered to show you or your pet even a sliver of respect. I truly would rate them 0 stars if that were possible and I absolutely do not recommend anyone ever take their animals here

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