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Animal Medical Care (Temple)

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About Animal Medical Care (Temple)

Looking for top-notch pet care in Temple? Animal Medical Care (Temple) is here to help. In addition to routine pet wellness services, this veterinary practice also specializes in exotic animal care for non-domestic animals, such as: birds, reptiles, and small mammals. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(254) 778-5246

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570 Reviews on “Animal Medical Care (Temple)”

  • Freedom Rose

    So far I am pleased with my choice, as there were many to choose from looking for a clinic , while my baby needed to see a doctor and be treated for his symptoms of distress . I chose this clinic as it was pretty close to home, this is a first time visit and may establish primary…. It was affordable , which was a concern while choosing a clinic and exploring possibilities of the cost in a “hospital setting” . This was not a well check. My friend , adopted, by chance, is 5 pounds and he has become my baby. He is the Bag dog .. some saay. He has never acted in such a way, and I brought him in with no appointment at about 445. Pm . They did take him in. They were very sweet and kind. I am a nurse myself of many years and the baby had me snuckered , so many possibilities, including just plain old symptoms that may just need treating and only time could tell. I’ve never had a small dog or a small dog’s personality, and I haven’t figured it out and I was hoping that these people were familiar with a small Chihuahua and their behavior and maybe what common issues come with them hoping they did not run me through the mill with x-rays and labs and shots and all this good jazz . And they were very good with him; they gave me what I needed to treat his symptoms and confirmed basically what i figured was likely. Only time will tell but I do know that he was so much better tonight with his little shot he came home with so hopefully he is lol just a little tender and that is exactly all he needed without charging an arm and a leg for x-rays. … I’m quite pleased with the price although the medicine is more expensive than the actual visit but again much more affordable than any animal hospital, but all the same sort of tools accessible.

  • Candy Gottschalk

    Took both critters and was out in about a half hour after shots and all.

  • Derek Nicdao

    A wellness exam started at $60 which was about $10-$15 cheaper than other local veterinarians.
    I came in as a walk in and only waited about 20 minutes to be seen. I felt Dr. Karen could have looked over my dog for just a few moments longer. No temperature was checked or anything. She just looked at what I was concerned about and prescribed meds in a matter of seconds.
    The front desk and the tech was really nice. The whole appointment with medications came out to less than $100. Inside was clean.
    Overall, I?d come back. Especially if the prices stay around the same.

  • virginia Arredondo
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