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Bayview Animal Hospital

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About Bayview Animal Hospital

Residents of Farmington, Utah trust Bayview Animal Hospital for their pet care needs. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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5 Reviews on “Bayview Animal Hospital”

5 reviews
  • Jessica Whitmer

    So good with my dog he had big anxiety and they handled him real well

  • Da Real Now

    BEWARE! DO NOT GO!!! Our Lab swallowed a stuffed animal which he has done before. Usually after a couple days he vomits it back up without any issues. This time we decided to see if there was anything we could do to help the process. Bayview, (Dr. Crane) told us to get a turkey baster and force lots of Hydrogen Peroxide down his throat to get him to throw it back up. It did not work. After about 12 hours he finally threw it back up on his own. BUT… Because we gave him the Hydrogen Peroxide the stuffed animal soaked it up and held it in his stomach. Shortly after the stuffed animal came out he started vomiting lots of blood over and over. The Hydrogen Peroxide ate holes in his stomach. We were up all night with him scared for our baby and had to miss work. We called Bayview back to have them see our dog and treat him and they WOULD NOT! They told us they were not responsible for their advice and they we’re too busy on a Friday to see him. We had to take him to another vet to get treated. We called 5 other Vets and they all said that they would never tell anyone to do that Hydrogen Peroxide treatment at home because of the possible side effects. It can be very dangerous and at worse kill your pet from internal bleeding. This is the second time we have had a bad experience with the care at Bayview and will not be going back if this is the lack of concern and accurate knowledge they have for their patients.

    Update : our dog has still not recovered from the peroxide treatment. He can not eat dog food anymore. He eats home xoyoked eggs and potatos. He has severe allergies now far beyond what he had previously. He scratches and chews on himself constantly. We have spent hondreds amd hundreds of dollars at other vets trying to find a solution. He has lost over 20 pounds. We are very sad and heart broken.

  • Tamara Ross

    I’m speechless! What an awesome experience. Dr. Nelson was so perfect. Thank you

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