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Janesville Veterinary Clinic East

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About Janesville Veterinary Clinic East

Looking for top-notch pet care in Janesville? Janesville Veterinary Clinic East is here to help. This veterinary practice specializes in routine pet wellness services. We encourage you to contact the location directly to verify address, hours of operation, and service offerings prior to arrival.

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(608) 752-8127

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5 Reviews on “Janesville Veterinary Clinic East”

5 reviews
  • Eric Berg

    Dr. Mike and the entire staff are so caring.
    We have trusted them for many years.

  • Kailey Kraus

    I brought my dog in with an emergency and the staff remained calm and sprang right into action. They never made me feel like a burden (though I’m sure I completely threw off their morning schedule) and were patient with all my questions. They walked me through everything we did and made sure I knew exactly what was going on. My dog is doing well and I truly cannot thank the entire team enough. Incredible service, attention to detail, knowledge, and compassion.

  • Morgan

    I have struggled with words to describe what happened to my family with this vet, I’ve been patient to see if these things were just a “slip up” or they really do not care about your animals well-being. Our rabbit passed away a week and a half ago, over something that this vet chose to not look further into. Doctor chose to prescribe pain medications, not fully understanding that it was legitimately too late for our rabbit. If the correct diagnostics were done in a timely and organized manner, which I have yet to see them execute, our rabbit would have been able to say goodbye a lot sooner and with a lot more dignity than she had left. Doctor said “just try the pain medications and we will do treatment Monday”. His continuing to put off her severe abdomen mass caused her to pass on in the madison emergency vet covered in bodily fluids as she was too weak to move. Our rabbit deserved WAY better than what she was dealt from this clinic. She deserved the correct diagnostics at the correct time rather than putting things off for 2 weeks and letting her wither away. They didn’t call to check on us the Monday after she passed. They never sent a sympathy card. They really did not care about the life of our rabbit and it is truly heartbreaking. We are so happy our rabbit is at peace and was taken care of in a comforting manner at the emergency vet. I highly recommend getting second or even third opinions before you let these people take your money and barely help your animals. Our surviving rabbit will be switching vet clinics immediately
    UPDATE: They were able to send a sympathy card 2 weeks after losing our rabbit. The envelope had a date stamp of the day after the first part of this review was written. I’d find a better clinic that is more compassionate and sympathetic. Do better please, Janesville Vet Clinic.

  • E. Kavanaugh

    I had an emergency with my Boston Terrier. Janesville Vet could not have been more accommodating, caring, and competent.i am forever grateful.

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